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Contact-Less Swan Neck Faucet With Infra Red Sensor


Contact-Less Swan Neck Faucet With Infra Red Sensor

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  • The GLASSFILLER CL Infra Red Sensor is activated by a hand hovering over it at a distance of 2cm – 5cm
  • It is connected to an inlet solenoid which opens the water supply to the tap as the hand hovers over the sensor.
  • The Inlet Solenoid is powered by 2 x 6V batteries that have a tested life span of 300.000 activations
  • 23cm dispensing height to fill bottles
  • The GLASSFILLER CL is programmed to stop dispensing after 6 seconds. If that is insufficient to fill your glass or bottle, place your hand again over the sensor to continue dispensing
  • Compatible with the FONT10 Wall Mounted Fountain & UC800 Under-sink Chiller to contact-less dispense option
  • Drip Tray option available. The EZYTRAY 2 Drip Tray is a compatible separate part which can purchased separately from the accessories below


  • Height 300mm
  • Dispensing Height 230mm

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