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Water Bottle 18.5 Litre


Celtic Vale is officially recognised as a 'Natural Mineral Water'. To meet the required standard, the mineral content and flow must remain naturally constant for a period of two years, receiving no treatment other than minimal filtration and carbonation. 'Spring Water' and 'Table Water' are not subject to such stringent standards.

The underground source rises under natural pressure, producing up to 80,000 gallons of water per day. It is situated 800 ft above sea level in an area designated as a 'Protected Zone' and 'Area of outstanding natural beauty' by the Environment Agency. The catchment area covers around 3,000 acres of the Brecon Beacons National Park, where the spring surfaces on the eastern boundary high above any farm land which greatly contributes to its exceptional purity and low nitrate content. From source to table, every step of the way is carefully monitored so that you get to drink Celtic Vale just as nature intended.


Sulphate <20.00 mg/l

Magnesium 7.28 mg/l

Sodium 7.46 mg/l

Potassium <1.00 mg/l

Nitrate 5.30 mg/l

Chloride <10.00 mg/l

Calcium 42.00 mg/l

Label on bottle cap MUST always be removed before placing bottle on cooler.

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