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Whats The Water Hardness In Your Area?

ArcticSpring 100C



  • The ArcticSpring 100C has a massive hot water capacity 5ltr instant draw off above 90C with 18ltr per hour Capacity, Instantly Delivers 20 cups of tea (5ltrs) at a constant 90˚C
  • The ArcticSpring100C also has an exceptional chilled capacity. The Direct Chiller Delivers 30ltrs Per Hour Of Water Less Than 12˚C!
  • An 8ltr 2.8 kw Hot Water Boiler
  • 23cm Dispensing Height To Fill Bottles
  • We recommend to use our plumbing and filter kit BPFRAILKIT to connect to the mains
  • 8 screws to open boiler lid for easy access for de scaling and servicing
  • Save electricity & be green. Eco light sensor turns the boiler off when the office lights go out. This saves about 25% or £40pa in electricity & reduces carbon
  • Avoid scale in a hard water area by connecting the hot water inlet to a Brita type scale REMOVAL filter & a cheaper carbon filter to the chiller inlet
  • In a soft water area you can connect the hot & the chilled inlets to a single carbon filter
  • Our floodguard inlet solenoid avoids large scale flooding


  • Height 1135mm
  • Width 340mm
  • Depth 340mm
  • Weight 31kg

Special Offer - When you order an ARCTICSPRING 100C you can purchase an installation rail at a bundle price. Please click on accessories below to take advantage of this offer

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